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does anyone of you, the problem is that Encore CS4 correctly in the preview start playing shows, but in all export versions (; image, folder, DVD) is equal to the main menu jumps without starting playback (and here: the intro) play?

I done the following: Main menu in En> Menu> AE Comp> menu there creating animated overlay> in En> Dynamic Link> AE Comp> import cut window create> start reproducing routed to the intro. In short, everything right. No error in the "Project" check, preview plays clean. Exports-nada.
I have the intro as synonymous. Rausgerendert mov from AE and imported into En is not synonymous. Even the last attempt new> Project and then just copied everything to the test make-nix.

Greeting, Soulfly

PS: the rest of the Prod.Prem. is stable / accurate, just got the system set up on it again, XP 32 bit, SP3, and only the CS4.


Antwort von Soulfly:

Problem solved.

my VLC player will not play the DVD in Title 1, but for Title 0th This causes the the intro is not played. If we order it, it works. Have I now installed Nero Showtime for comparison, there's of work to start. Usually it's the little things you overlook ...

Greeting, Soulfly

PS: Speaking of 0 / 1: "If zero is especially great, that's almost as much as a bit of a" Murphy, 1 Axiom binary ..


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