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Frage von Filmautor:


I currently have the following problem:

I created a movie in Adobe Premiere CS2, and wanted him then play for a presentation on miniDV. But when I export to tape started from the menu showed me my Sony GV-D1000E Einspieler only black screen.

As fast as I do not give up, and have played an uncompressed AVI in Premiere to make it then send via DVIO.exe Einspieler to jump to. But every time I run into the uncompressed AVI DVIO, which closes with an unknown error itself.

Can someone help me, as I now s.besten precedence?
Thanks in advance


Antwort von RickyMartini:

Export the movie as a DV-AVI and then play it out to the DV recorder. That should work better.

With DVIO.exe can only capture DV AVI Type 2 clips and play!


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