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Frage von moker:

Hello and thank you now for this informative and to large parts really very helpful and objective forum.

I have much and so well-at least the basic build. : o)

Nevertheless, a question in very general terms associated with the hope of (if synonymous for professionals perhaps boring) a response to: o)

I film with a Canon HV30 HDV video on the MiniDV cassettes.
The resulting films about games / do I import via a FireWire cable into the software, Pinnacle Studio 11 and edit them there according to my wishes.

With the result, I am basically satisfied synonymous. The question is still:

How do I get the best small losses in quality
- Dubbing of Camera to PC
- When editing
- When burning / playing back on tape?

Maybe I am doing basic errors or you have good tips, I like the best of my options heraushole.
I would be on the opinions and help you.

Thanks love and generally synonymous ever ... : o) HNY 2009! :)


Antwort von Waggerla:

Hello moker,

usually arises when copying via Firewire to my knowledge no loss, since native will play on.
If Pinnacle can be smart render, ie, only edited posts recalculated, there is not synonymous with the loss back games on the Cam, the finished film should have the same quality as the raw material.
Only if you burn to normal DVD (not BlueRay or something), then you will have a loss, because as much less Resolutionzur available.

I had two days now synonymous an HV30, great picture quality, unfortunately, just like my SonyLCD at no HDMI input Picture Show, so I give back the Cam, dennn exactly was the target, it is but a kO criterion.

I hope I have a little help.
Guten Rutsch


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