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Frage von thileepl:

Good day!
I'm new here and have already s.Sie my first question.
I am a customer of Pinnacle Studio 8 and have just dealt with a more than hour-long video and it creates an MPEG format. Now I also use NERO. However, I can not burn a DVD, because NERO says that the file is too large.
But the size is 4.4 GB and therefore it is smaller than the 4.7 GB DVD.
How can I then burn the MPEG file to DVD so I can see me on the DVD player.
Is it generally possible at all?
Thank you in advance.


Antwort von silentzero:

First of all, hello, in a forum you can calmly "you" instead of "write".

Now the problem: With Pinnacle Studio 8, you can create a completely synonymous finished DVD. If you want to burn with Nero but what I would do synonymous, then click Create in the settings in DVD Studio 8 is the only DVD image and will not burn.

The final image you can then with a DVD software (eg WinDVD) obs synonymous watch you like and then you burn it by Nero on the DVD.

So you are already synonymous in Studio 8 is needed as much space on the DVD.


Antwort von Markus:

"thileepl" wrote: But the size is 4.4 GB and therefore it is smaller than the 4.7 GB DVD.
By the binary number system inaccuracy comes into play. Such as blank DVDs: In the pack 4.7 GB available, but in fact it is 4,700,000,000 bytes, therefore, 4,589,844 KB, next 4482 MB and ultimately "only" 4.38 GB - at least mathematically. The actual value is somewhat higher.

Text from "Videoaufnahme / Movie Maker / Videokamera"(S.02 contributions. June, 2005, 10:40 Clock) removed.


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