Infoseite // If audio and video files for DVDs separately?

Frage von Wilke:

I have cut a movie in AVI and Vormat exported.
Then I wanted to with the Canopus Procoder 2, the entire output to DVD Vormat.
It gave me the program has a single video and a single audio file released.

Do I now just have to put these two files to a DVD burn and that's it?

or do I have any folders?

Ever thought Thanks for the replies.


Antwort von beiti:

No, the separate files (elementary streams) you need as a starting material for high-quality authoring programs.
Without authoring (and it is a very simple, such as with IfoEdit) these files, you can not become a standard DVD connect.

If you are a single file (Program Stream) want, be it for direct playback s.PC or for consumer authoring programs, you have the settings in ProCoder. Instead of two separate files (m2v and mp2/mpa) then you get a single file (mpg).

If possible, you simply want to create DVD menülose (without going through IfoEdit or other authoring programs), you can directly in ProCoder synonymous DVD files output. Then ProCoder makes you a complete video.ts folder that you just have to have to burn the DVD.

ProCoder has three variants: Elementary Stream, Program Stream and DVD-ready data. The latter is likely for you (initially) the best choice.

Background Info: A "real" DVD, which runs in all players, is a data DVD that contains two folders: audio.ts and video.ts. The audio.ts folder remains empty (used for video-DVDs is not needed). In video.ts folder you can find the video data in the form of vob files, tax data in the form of ifo files and additional backups of the IFO files with the extension. Bup.


Antwort von Eggerd:

If you supply a select Mpeg2 format, you have on the item stream type MPEG-2 program stream select. Then Picture and Sound in a file. You choose the output as a VOB, it is auto. Then will be a video TS folder created on the DVD can be burned. You thereby avoid the authoring program.
mfG Eggerder

double-stops better than I had begun to write, was Beiti's
Answer not here yet.


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