Infoseite // Jerking of DVDs when recording in MP4

Frage von soha:

Have recently a Sanyo Xacti camera that records in MP4 format (Full HD). I will now convert the recorded file using Pinnacle Studio Pros 12 into a DVD, bucking the pictures ... and how! Especially at faster movement (eg of Sport Shooting sequences, such as marathon running) often acts as the Picture in Time Lapse. Does anyone have a solution? Can I change my settings to camera / software so that I may finally get away this stupid jerk?


Antwort von Jott:

Could be because this Sanyo's record with 30fps and 25fps is a DVD. The jerky nature requires. Cheap as the Xacti cams are only good for YouTube, this is the no preference.


Antwort von soha:

thanks for the answer - but:
(1) part soooo cheap dat was not that I'm with youtube format as the sole target would satisfy .... ! (To which I shall then take up hd? Did not produce the goal-TV movies, but for a sophisticated private visual pleasure it should be the purchase price but rich!)
(2) problem was after a few hours of tinkering to solve: change project settings in the pinnacle of 30fps as input format, since it runs smoothly ...! yeah!


Antwort von vario-ed:

@ Soha

This is your "problem" but still not off the table.
As long as you only look at the film, everything is still OK.
And you want to spend but the finished film on DVD, brings everything you again and you have the theater again.

There are a variety of software for converting 30fps to 25fps.
For changes but then again your pitch to the sound output.



Antwort von tommyb:

That is nonsense.

30 frames you can indeed "slow" means slow down to 25 frames, the change in pitch, then, is already extremely (contrast, 25> 24 is not so bad).

As we move fortunately still have that interlaced fuss and bother after us, the 30 images can be legally implemented well in 50 fields. It will look normally. no worse than the 24p that we look to our 60 Hz LCDs (it's just not progressive If on the DVD). # 447 186


Antwort von carstenkurz:

Well, you can simply synonymous ne NTSC DVD burn, which is played these days then almost synonymous of each player / TV combinations without much trouble with 30 Hz base.



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