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Frage von Sabine:


For some time I use the DVD recorder Panasonic DMR-E50. In my old apartment I had Kabelanschlus, the device has worked fine and I could use all the features of the device.

Now I live without cable, on the roof of a satellite system is (the older, therefore certain analogy installed). I have purchased a blue-eyed analog receiver (SR 3102 stereo satellite receiver) that works for simple TV though. But I just do not create, and now the three devices (TV, satellite receiver, DVD recorder wire) so that I can program the DVD recorder for example, so it takes me anything at all. (out of watching television in another program, not to mention, unfortunately, I know already that I can not sat receiver with A, cry ....).
I followed all the instruction manuals: TV, DVD recorder, satellite receiver goes, nothing, and they differ somewhat.
Prochain My aim now is to buy my own dish with twin LNB and a digital receiver.
Weiss anyone on what I should look for when purchase if the following features in the future I will use my DVD-recorder:
1. simultaneous recordings of a second look and Programs,
2. Programming of series-recordings of different channels .....

Many, many thanks for any reply!


Antwort von wolfgang:

The DVD recorder but require an analog input from the satellite receiver. That should get you through a simple wiring - purely Scartcable s.Receiver and into the recorder. Then stop the recorder set to the required input, and it should go.

The ability to record a program, and a different view - that only works if you have a receiver that can do just that. Most devices can decode only a station stop - but there are those twin receivers that can do this.

The switch to a digital satellite system is already good in terms of quality. But for the solution to this problem that brings only what if you in the choice of the new digital receiver by keeping this ability.


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