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Welches Aufnahmeformat für DVD/Blueray hauptsächlich für EU

Which recording format for DVD / Blue-ray mainly for EU

Frage von WRipley:
Juni 2010

Hall slashCAM Member,
I have several times as questions that I could be answered kindly, would be super.

Sanyo Xacti HD1010 I own one, the following format supported.
1080 60i, 1080 30p, 720 60i and 720 30p.
The other format is not really important to me.

My PC has the following specifications: Intel Quad Core 3Ghz, 4gb, 9800GT (CUDA), 2 * 1000gb HDs with about 130MB / s transfer rate, two monitors are synonymous 50Hz/60Hz can (FullHD).

I would like to now, two marriages, and cut it with Premiere Pro and Edius. Trials have currently installed only because I still do not know with which program I want to work later / going.
I would love to cut native, but this may might not be of advantage, but can you tell me so, from your experience.

The final material as I would like Blue-ray or DVD burn for some people.

The following questions I have on this subject .....

In which mode should I take the material. 1080 or 720, 60i and 30p! Since I am more likely to make slow pans and a lot of work with Tripod would be 30p not better, so in 1080 30p?

Should I not s.besten convert the material after cutting to 24p, so movie format? Or leave it as it as almost all LCD television can output 1080i 30p? (Who is so?)

When I go to 24p, which calculates the procedure or plugin s.geschicktesten caused so without the jerkiness, etc? Or should I extrapolate the material on 30p 50p, if that's at all or is recommended.

Gelsenkirchen just ....

There are tutorials, what say you?

Now I forget the audio. If I go as of 30p to 24p, the audio is then computed automatically positioned synonymous. What one must remember there?

It will be later when the DVD or Blu-ray is playing, as little as possible jerkiness or problems to be seen. It's mainly just to me it really flat screen televisions, which indeed often synonymous to NTSC, so synonymous 30p or 60p. Some may indeed synonymous Television no real 24p and expect only the high, as I have understood that.

If there should be false of me to give, sorry, You must correct me quietly, no problem.

Would you prefer me to guess Premiere Pro CS5 or rather Edius Pro?

The Xactia HD1010 takes on the way in AVCHD, I want to work more natively, or do I have anyway of recording format 30p down, and anyway why go through a different codec to convert, so. If so on what?

Thank you very much

Greetings from Cologne

Antwort von Jott:

can be from Ebay with the Sanyo toys, get you a video camera, the European 50i. Everything else leads to chaos, the reasons for this are varied.

Antwort von cutaway:

Hi Walter,

for wedding filmmaker there is a special forum


Greetings cutaway

Antwort von beiti:

"Jott" wrote:
can be from Ebay with the Sanyo toys, get you a video camera, the European 50i.
Yes, I see synonymous Sun But if it is absolutely the Sanyo must be (the couple I'm already tired), I would take one of the 60i format. The jerky is not, and on Blu-ray and NTSC DVD can handle s.besten 60i.

The Ruckelformat 30p would I shun, It has (except maybe for YouTube) of any benefits.

A recording in 30p and subsequent conversion of 30p to 24p is pretty much the most absurd proposal I've read here in the forum for some time. Something like you've done at most times with shooting from the 5DII before the firmware update, they wanted to actually show in the movies.

Antwort von WRipley:

thanks for the replies it makes me even courage.
So the HD1010 makes good pictures, I think, but is relative.
So rather then buy it in 1080 60i or other Cam .....
And what is the problem s.end 24P to go on.
I've watched the video tutorials regarding the conversion, with After Effects ...... but looks very well made ....... well now.
Find this film look really nice ...... if you have the right presets
used to Simulate this beautiful warmth.
On Vimeo there are tutorials for it.
This is certainly in the context synonymous interesting.
About more info I would appreciate it.

Antwort von Jott:

Yes, you sometimes do with the Sanyo. As I said, the poor bride and groom - they will take you because of Gehoppels, Geruckels flicker and provide explanations ...

Antwort von beiti:

"WRipley" wrote:
And what is the problem s.end 24P to go on.
Find this film look really nice ...... if you have the right presets
used to Simulate this beautiful warmth.
If you like jerky film look, you can shoot in 30p - but then please be in 30p or 60i impersonate, so do not convert even after synonymous 24p. Whether 30p or 25p or 24p from the look makes her not a big difference.

Whether the couple shares your tastes and ideas of film look, anyway is another question. ;)

In general, one has to wedding videos quite different concerns than the optimum format or the film look.
A major problem area is, for example, the sound, it takes a bit effort to the spoken word (speeches, vows, etc.) are understandable capture.

How you ultimately decide you always synonymous: Do please arrange a test run under similar light-and Tonbedingungen to the entire workflow of the recording to the finished DVD try out times.

Antwort von WRipley:

Have now synonymous again a lot about 25p, 50i, 50p, etc.
read what and when to use which is better.
Regarding microphones I have a little idea, since I own a recording studio and am very well versed in this area.
I know that the HD 1010 is not perfect, but I think you can already rausholen as a set. Is indeed only used synonymous with acquaintances,
make it really only because I asked her. Prof. Photographers s.Start you anyway.
I have a cheap shot of Sennheiser directional microphone, which should be quite good. Mounted on the flash shoe.
It is not visible in wide angle, not as synonymous shadow.
I also have some very good microphones that I operate with a zoom when I want.
I work myself into the subject only a little more one.
And why not with a wedding ...... is just a bonus for the couple to see. But I still try the best out of it.
So 60i is then well but apparently the right one.

Antwort von WRipley:

where is the fun starts with a good 1080 50i camcorder?
Only times as info.
time not necessarily in the Pro corner?

Antwort von beiti:

"WRipley" wrote:
where is the fun starts with a good 1080 50i camcorder?
When he's not particularly bright be so at 800 ¬ (that is, the magnitude of Panasonic HDC-SD707). There are cheaper models, but since then often lack the accessory shoe, microphone input, etc.

Regarding microphones I have a little idea, since I own a recording studio and am very well versed in this area.
Then we need to at least make the sound not worry. :)

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