Infoseite // Live preview in Premiere CS3?

Frage von Stefan K.:

Hi folks,

at Premiere CS3 I miss the real-time preview of how she knows 6.5. Press the Enter I-button renders it go, instead of 6.5 in the timeline with effects, live show.
Was this really neat feature of Adobe abandoned, or do I stand on the hose (synonymous, I must admit that I am the new look and feel initially confused times). Or is it because I have a evaluation version have?
CS4 If this really no longer know, I would once again consider whether it makes sense, much money into a new Premiere to invest.

Thank you for your meaningful Notices

PS On the footage, it does not have just the same clip in 6.5 probiert


Antwort von jazzy_d:

If Adobe red bar in the timeline is "must" render it first (Enter). Just play the timeline without rendering is "space" or the Play button in the program window (called the credible, the right stop).


Antwort von Stefan K.:

Hi jazzy,

exactly looks like. Premiere 6.5, I was able, despite the red bar the Enter button, press and he played the Timeline s.hoc with integrated (not yet rendered) effects from, called "real-time preview" and was in the project settings as a project template selected. Clearly, the limit of its more high-quality effects (shakes then it just yet), but such a title or draufgepappter a movement synonymous history and showed even more without the problems "on the fly."
Hard to believe that the developers of the abandoned.

Many greetings


Antwort von Manuell:

Uh cs3 does not just?
So just press space and the Efekt be displayed with. Can be synonymous, but that needs to be set somewhere.



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