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Frage von ChrisCore:


I have digitized some time ago an old VHS video of 1988. Since I was then (in about 1 years) does not know better, I created an MPEG rather than AVI. This I have now cut in the premiere and wanted to spend more than EnCore as a DVD. To this end I have the PAL High Quality View with 8Mbit / s, 25FPS, Lower Picture ... so elected.

I look at me the DVD on a PC or Mac in VLC for example, I have no problems. In a variety of DVD players, jerky video, however, easily noticeable - just enough to be annoying. : (The stuttering and are regularly distributed over the entire film.

A similar project, the footage I've ripped as AVI works fine. Therefore, I suspect that it is s.den MPEGs. But actually, it will be transcoded, the new by EnCore.

Is there a solution to my problem and why it is so? In a pinch, I suppose a workaround synonymous. Could it work if I write an AVI from Premiere? However, I would hate to lose the chapter markers that I put in Premiere.

The net is full of similar problems, but they still seem to be of a different nature.

Please help me so I can save the family treasures! :)
Thank you.


Antwort von bgk:


According to your description of the obvious suspicion that the data rate of your videos is too high for your DVD player. You could therefore try this (audio / video / total) reduced.

For specific tips in hiring EnCore times but I step back and let those players go first forums that have the program actually in use.



Antwort von msmuc:

Hello Chris Core,
your error description reminded me strongly s.ein problem to which I long ago gave synonymous times.
At that time was, 'I had to learn that some DVD players (eg old Aldi MEDION) not all MPEG-2-Encodierungsarten play smoothly, which are included in the standard DVD set (eg only "SP" Simple Profile and not " MP = Main Profile, see wiki


Antwort von ChrisCore:

Thanks for your responses.

I hold not only understand why the other films at the same settings (but other source material) on the two DVD players I have here to run smoothly. I gather that it can not actually lie s.der bitrate. I now have one more attempt with 1 CBR for 7MBit / s made - without modification.

Next, I now try to render Upper Field first place Lower Field.

It bothers me stop just because I think by the transcoding in Encore, it should be no preference, as the footage is. The default settings for the other slammed the Project does not work out here.

When changing the field dominance does not change, I'm going to try msmucs solutions. However, I have not seen in EnCore these settings, but otherwise I shall have to take advantage of Premiere Media Encoder.

I just see that I can in the Media Encoder with the GOP settings, only the M-and N-select frames (but do not know what that is or should bring). Otherwise stehts now on PAL, Upper Field, with 1-pass VBR, 1.5 min / 4 Target / 6 Max Bitrate

Should I leave more time as a DVD (ie. Multiplexes mpg or without?)

Stay tuned ...


Antwort von ChrisCore:

Problem solved. Knows not how and certainly not why, but it seems as if it were only a half frame have been a problem.

The material was processed MPEG Lower Field, it has been transcoded and as such it has become just exactly such. If voting really does not shut smoothly. Output from Lower Field Upper Field as synonymous brought nothing.

If I spend the movie progressive, the jerking off!

I do not understand. Quality is crap, of course, because the picture is blurred, but this is not a material of 1988 next striking - the picture is crap anyway.

Can anyone understand problem?


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