Infoseite // Magix Movies on CD-DVD6 and Premiere CS3

Frage von grosswahn:

So bittte for help.
Film cut with Adobe CS3, then movie is created with Adobe as avi, default film like Sound and now DVD With CD Magix DVD6.Import work and then I had the soundtrack every 3 sec a knacken.beim burn building is the great But the tone remains the crack will receive.
Some tried other settings with Magix, the crack will remain.
Who knows Council Is premiere cs3 and Magix? Do what I observe when creating the sound of the movie?


Antwort von grosswahn:

I would like to clarify: If u know the graph of the audio track seems to Magix 6.0 then you can see in every image of the checkered crackling ausschlagen.Also capture when it is already a crackling geboren.Die errors are visible, synonymous the latest version 7.0 has the same crackling . addresses the problem are not synonymous.


Antwort von neolauren:

Hello, have the same problem. Once I get a video file with the program open, play occurs when one clicks on. Has someone a solution of you?

Greeting neo


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