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Matrox RT.X100 - Kein Treibersupport für Premiere Pro CS3

Matrox RT.X100 - No driver support for Premiere Pro CS3

Frage von 407621:
Mai 2007

Matrox RT.X100 - No driver support for Premiere Pro CS3

As I said in the Matrox forum and on the Adobe Live event last week in Cologne have learned, is for the new Premiere Pro CS3 no driver support page and Matrox probably synonymous of Adobe offered.

Reasons (Adobe): Matrox offers at the moment so cheap ways to upgrade the new RT.X2 card incl upgrade to Premiere CS3, which is why the development of the appropriate drivers for the RT.X100 is not planned.

What is the product of a policy?
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Antwort von arnosworld:

Be sure you, the driver of the RTX100 run in Premiere CS3!

As a beta tester, I have just tested this constellation. It works.

What you need to do, however:
Since the new premiere of course nothing of the drivers know, you need to reinstall these. You know, the X-Tools MATROX not simply re-install without first uninstalling it. This you can do without any problems. Possibly. You need to use RegClean again (if Xtools then beahauptet it had already installed the xtools).
When installing the X-tools, the installer will search all eligible applications - thus PPro2 as synonymous, and all the other CS3 Progs the WYSIWYG Drivers use, and installed them successfully.
From now s.kannst you use both Progs.

All PPro-2 projects can be opened in CS3. The project data will be converted ... anything goes, as always ... BUT:
Regard! - Since Premiere CS3 solves some of the functions differently, the projects may no longer be in PPro-2 to open. So ALWAYS! a duplicate project to disk.

Have fun with the old RTX100. SD ranges for the system.
You will however notice that synonymous here with the system boundaries are shown. It is you know that for large projects the RTX100 ever gets into a tailspin. Besides the known timeline update of Premiere, you need to communicate with the X-Tools sometimes synonymous which sometimes longer - freezy ...

So - do not panic!

The RTX-budget but I can really recommend RTX-2! Then again, everything is synonymous redundant - all in realtime known - and just in HDV.

Volker Mölleken

Antwort von Jörg:

Be sure you, the driver of the RTX100 run in Premiere CS3!

I hope you do not lean too far out the window!

As a beta tester, I have just tested this constellation. It works.

prudent question: are you a real beta tester, or use you as a "beta"
Of Adobelab designated mess to?
If this is it, I would very gently Any formulate perspective!
Gruß Jörg

Antwort von effex:

Hi Jörg!

yes, I'm in the beta tester program and check the "Buffy" baptized program already in various stages. So far everything is running very well.
As I said, some things just have a certain reaction time until they open their service or do. For example, some real-time effects. or the mix of different formats in the timeline or synonymous changing the AspectRatios etc. Here PProCS3 needs a relatively long time. Remember that this s.den X-Tools is located.

Especially in these days is a new HD system is configured, which I reported on the basis of PPro2 and CS3 will remain free. Again, I like to give feedback in the forums.
The new system is based on BlackMacgic Multi Bridge Extreme.

So - for the RTX100-Drivers can I just say that in my config works very well. MATROX course will not assume the obligation. ADOBE But this feedback as part of the BETA phase receive. Yet the tests are obviously not complete.
So hab noch patience almost 2 months - before the Proggis probably not synonymous delivered.

Until then

Antwort von muehlym:

Hab da mal ne synonymous question on the subject.
Have now eindlich of 6.5 Premiere Pro CS3 on the same updated
and now the problem with the Matrox RT.X100 Drivers.

After I had read here that I am the only drivers to Pro2.0
I must install and was done during the installation, of course, prompted first to install Pro2.0.

Since I am only 6.5 and Premiere Pro CS3 have works of synonymous
Drivers of Matrox not.

What can I do because s.besten?

Already many times thanks in advance.

Antwort von scream:

Maybe 2.0 demo install and move.

Antwort von muehlym:

Yes, that had I considered synonymous.
But if I understood correctly, there is the 2.0Demo on the Adobe page no more, but only CS3.

Something of a stupid problem!

Antwort von Wiro:

"muehlym" wrote:
... there is the 2.0Demo on the Adobe page no more, but only CS3

whether this works out as you imagine that I can not say.
The tryout is 2.0, however, still on the Adobe site available.

Gruss Wiro

Antwort von muehlym:

Did fairly well!

Have drau Pro2.0 now, and the Rt.x100 runs.
But Cs3 is not impressed. [/ Quote]

Antwort von vossemer:

Just as it is: The Matrox Drivers are only available to install Premiere 2.0 and CS3 is not interested in the bean.

Because now there's even a trick? Or was it something far leaned out the window ...?

Antwort von krsek1:

Dear Volker,

Today, I wanted my freshly built Matrox rt.x2 sd install. But I want to use premiere cs3 so. You know how with the drivers just run? Is there (already) what? What?
I TAPP in the dark (synonymous to the Matrox Page). Support is never ran and retrieves synonymous None back ...


Antwort von JohnnyO:

"muehlym" wrote:
Did fairly well!

Have drau Pro2.0 now, and the Rt.x100 runs.
But Cs3 is not impressed.
[/ quote]

Have the same problem: When reinstalling the X-Tools is Premiere Pro CS3 unimpressed. In the project templates do not appear to Matrox.

Also I miss some of the effects CS3, including the radial blur. Call me an old CS2 Project, that this filter is used, I get the message in CS3 Video Filter missing: PS.ADBEPR Radial Blur ".
Someone knows whether the kind of AE can embed in PPro. (Have already Effect Radial_Blur.AEX in the folder C: \ Program Files \ Adobe \ Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 \ Plug-ins \ en_US copied, but unfortunately does not).

Had I known beforehand I would have not upgraded to CS3.

Antwort von Supe:

I think Adobe has a few functions and filter with CS3 After Effects now shifted. Effects and Filters in both programs are available to be located in another folder übergerodneten, I have seen. Perhaps this filter is quite synonymous or fallen below the table is now different.
Unfortunately, I can but you do not actually help, because as far as I'm not. Filters that some are missing, I have noticed synonymous shcon, as well as in program Umlauprobleme dialogs and settings and missing fonts under Vista. There's still work to be fixed.

@ Topic: Is the new Matrox series probably as an alternative for my DeckLink card is probably gone.


Antwort von kljosc:

"Vossemeren" wrote:
Just as it is: The Matrox Drivers are only available to install Premiere 2.0 and CS3 is not interested in the bean.

Because now there's even a trick? Or was it something far leaned out the window ...?

I got on WinXP SP2 + CS2 and CS3 installed, then the MatroxTools installed / uninstalled / installed. CS3 is no preference, synonymous when Matrox Directories of CS2 after CS3 copied. The latter is only crashes.
Has someone a working recipe for it? As described above, it's not in any event.

Thank you

Antwort von krsek1:

installed cs3 you sometime and then download the cs3 matrox drivers down. to install and it should be funzen. I have the same geklappt ..

Antwort von Hoempfrie:

Hello, I have with lively interest Your contributions read because of Matrox RT.X100 with Adobe CS3.
For me, it unfortunately does not synonymous and how come you have a CS3 without drivers for Matrox to be registered? And how to register if you do not have RT X2? Thus, I have next to the search for a solution to go and find the Internet is synonymous thanks! The whole thing is really simple and works 100 per :-))
First, Adobe Pro 2.0 with Xtools 6157Installieren then Adobe CS3
Now follgende folder of Adobe Pro 2.0 in the same order in CS3 copy:
\ Plug-ins \ en_US \ Editing models - Only RTX Editing Mode.xml
\ Plug-ins \ en_US \ Matrox Video? Entire folder

\ Settings \ en_US \ Matrox DV and DVCAM? Entire folder
\ Settings \ en_US \ Matrox DVCPRO? entire folder
And the magic is complete an existing 2.0 project in CS3 and open bingo ..... Have fun hoempfrie

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