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Frage von ackibaun:

bin through a lot of good tips here in the forum as a beginner Beginners already so far that I just before the DVD - complete my DV camcorder, video stand.
the topic of 'data' or something, in my view, 'gross motor' expand.
Komme with my 2 Shooting to 115 clips and when I-the AVI files from the Explorer display properties of the list to approximately 35 GB - as always synonymous - some clips are just short (so about 9 sec for example)-other reach 6 minutes
Of course, I am currently still in the process rauszuschneiden clip or not to delete it simply because it 'too long or are unimportant.

But a fundamental question:
Am I a test with the previous material, I've cut a lot, a title beginning with music added, then
Movie, I still 2.Std. and 30 to me there as a process can be displayed.
I would with these settings to burn anyway, tell me the
Graphic that my 4.7 GB DVD + RW disc, this lot seem even burn to a disc would, however, with an indication of quality, only 38%.
Is there loss of quality really so serious, or are only reference values that are not so much refer to the image? If it is realistic, I would have, first, the shorter
Film on a DVD and the longer second, again drastically reduced, then 100% to reach and to burn an extra DVD.
But why can one long feature films, of a DVD recorder hard drive yet comfortable to burn a DVD?

Thanks for an info


Antwort von kowi:

So basically times: The quality specification in "%" is a general indication. Behind it stands, however, the data rate, a crucial influence on the subsequent picture has!
Go out the disc to create settings - Custom. Here you can a variety of settings, such as the video quality / data rate of approximately 2000 - 8500 kbit / s.
With 7000 kbit / s you get a good image quality - 4000 kbps, you should not be less than (my subjective opinion). Depending on the quality will be synonymous disc space required. At 7000 kbit / s to about 1.5 h - at 4000BBit / s approximately 2.5 h on a 4.7 GB disc
Around the double, you can at the same values on a Double Layer (DL) - Disk accommodate.

BTW: In my view, a film should not exceed 1 - 1.5 hours, otherwise it will be safe boring!

BTW2: For PI studio specifically relevant issues, I recommend you the PI forum - there is sure to help you!


Antwort von ackibaun:

Thanks for the tip, kowi

but somehow I have a 'Black Out'
Initially the actual movie scene
While mobile is one or disappears,
but my movie clip remains immobile.
what am I doing wrong.
I have tried two variants:
1.) preceded by a title-clip in the title bar

I do not get the move out

Only then is the first camcorder movie scene

2.) OVERLAY title on first scene

But the scene is moving - the title does not move


Antwort von kowi:

So honestly, I understand only station!
You seem to have a very different problem as described above "DVD quality". I do not understand what it means for one thing.
In addition, I would such special issues Pinnacle forum post (see above).


Antwort von rodi:

Hello ackibaun,
in your question "How do agile title" I have sent you a reply to this question, but unfortunately you were of no feedback. Schade.
Now again the same question!
Put on your Titelclip in the overlay track the A-and Ausblendeffekt and you will be amazed at how beautiful the title and disappears.

It would be nice of you sometime to get a response. Unfortunately, it is probably in this forum is not common (my experience).
Otherwise, I can only kowis Council support you in times PI forum around. There are synonymous feedback!

mfg Fred (frehar greets kowi)


Antwort von kowi:

Schöne Grüße frehar back.


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