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Frage von SusiRatLos:

I'm new here and try with your help my Pinnacle problem to solve. I use Pinnacle Studio 14 with Windows 7

After I edited my 46minütigen film (hardly changes, except for one-and-hide), I wanted a playable DVD with the next step> Creating a movie make '. Unfortunately, the film checked after burning when playing always s.der same place just after 32:27. Overall, I have 10 burned DVD's and read for several days and tried.
Everything so far without success. could Beside that, I isolate the problem a bit:
On-burner, it is not (I've now connected a SONY BD RW two burner BWU-500s and a standard DVD burner) both work perfectly, the disc's have been burned so synonymous).
-The disc image (VIDEO_TS) is created and in 3 VOB files with Power DVD 9.0 packed playable on a Calculator. The same is synonymous on the burned disc and also with Power DVD 9.0 by one on the Calculator playable. I open the files with the Windows Media Player is running when you click a VOB file of the entire film, but breaks as DVD players after 32:27 minutes.
-It probably looks as if the first two VOB files play coherently and the transition to the 3rd VOB file, it would hook.

All tasks are to gechlossen at Pinnacle, no energy-saving options and a screen saver. Only s.and it gives Windows 7 Note (no space on recovery drive D). Saved, but on C: free and there are still over 650 GB.

In some forum posts I've read that the burning program of Pinnacle Pinnacle is no good and should only use it to create a disc image to burn the VIDEO_TS folder, then with another burner program on the DVD. I find awkward and I had concerns with all the files are required to burn. That should work but with the new program, PINNACLE, my operation systems and the relatively current hardware, or

Meanwhile, I have taken to Pinnacle. Quite Unsuccessful. They told me in broken German as iso image file to select Video_TS instead. Have I made synonymous, with the result that other blanks were burned and the film now stopped after 12 minutes.

Does anyone know the problem?


Antwort von opel:


first thank you this serious problem here describe it in such detail.
I had the same problem, but now synonymous with Magix VDL 15th
Basically, I burn everything to DVD-RW first, to remove any existing imperfections, without wasting discs.
Now I have but synonymous with 3 different DVD players (Sony, Philips and Panasonic).
And here it gets interesting:
The Philips and Sony, I get the same effect as you, but not for Panasonic.
My suspicion: when you look at the layout of the VOB files on the DVD look, we see that a certain size for a file is not exceeded (1024). And this is where I suspect the error:
Some players digest the transition to the following file is not correct.

The Manufacturer itself (Pinnacle, Magix, etc.) to come here synonymous relatively little trouble, since even sell the products.


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