Infoseite // Re: Premiere CS3 export error

Frage von Debonnaire:

"aaVe" wrote: PS: I can see straight, I missed the forum. Of course it into the Special Software> Adobe Premiere Pro / Elements forum. Please s.einen Mod / Admin to change this.
Why did not you just record your desired location EVEN s.den ported? Posted copy (via the "Edit" function), then here weglöschen and in the correct forum einkopieren new, instead of after the lazy admin to Plärrer?

Now do not go (more) because you (m) did receive a reply. Shame on you!


Antwort von aaVe:

Good day.
Have a Verschiebenfunktion wanted, I'm on the Cut and Delete method did not come yesterday, had too much to the ears.

But a post synonymous so little to help me next, by the author angemotzt is that instead of helping him.

Also, if everything is perfect, each member would post etc. we would need no mods / admins. Okay I did something wrong but then you have to be so turned on? I think that is synonymous different.


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