Infoseite // S-VHS TO DVD WITH Panasonic NV-SV120 + Pinnacle Movie Box?

Frage von Jan_Home:

I would like to make before Christmas, about 60 S-VHS cassette digitizer.
The camcorder was not the best and the tapes are already about 10 years old, so the quality is no longer extra klasse.

I have the hardware as the Panasonic NV-SV120 and VCR as an analog / digital converter the Pinnacle MovieBox or synonymous the PVR150 Mpeg2 map of Hauppauge.

As software I MagixVideo 2006 and Pinnacle Studio 10 and at the Hauppauge WinTV card tested.

I see slight advantage for the software encoding with Studio10 or Magix.

Has anyone of you experience how the quality of digitalisation may still increase? Would a better Videorec digital converter or bring what?
Studio10 is the best capture software, or because it knows better what the encode?

If your given a few tips you would have I would be very grateful.


Antwort von Markus:

Hi Jan,

lump sum can not say what hardware you with the best results. That is always dependent of the respective template.

Basically, would an ordinary SVHS recorder with built-line TBC and an A / D converter of the type Canopus ADVC-300 a good combination.

Best for old VCR S-VHS tapes?


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