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Frage von Blue Egypt:


Here is something needed help with a camera purchase of a somewhat different way. I recently purchased a used Canon XM1 as Erstkamera because the budget was just limited, but it should have a camera with useful features and technical reasons I had wanted to put on MiniDV as a system. Since I liked to spare the camera, especially the head and drive just because of the age, I had taken it into account for very little money for a used DV camera on eBay and dusted off to use them for DV Capture s.Calculator in the cutting software. So I can completely relieve the XM1 here and halving its future period, in principle, yes.

In principle a good idea, or what speaks against it? What should I look at the second camera? Since there really is not much to note, is it? It should stop its PAL, but otherwise it should do so in digital streaming of DV tapes is not much difference.

Can one possibly recommend a model? Power over the network would make sense, so I provided a camera at the hospital only for the operation when not capture with any proprietary Batteries must rumhantieren that may be produced not at more. If there really is nothing next thing I did s.Einschränkungen must comply, then I can choose between a simple infinite set s.Modellen the last five to ten years ...

Thanks in advance for any hints!


Antwort von Alf_300:

At Amazon, the cheapest cost 149 euros, which makes 1500 to 2000 head hours
Or is meant for very little money given to needed break. ?


Antwort von Blue Egypt:

Yes, used perfectly fine. I really thought it was very cheap to dust on eBay, wohlmöglich for well under $ 100. If this cam since then has not eternal life, it is synonymous no doom. Wanted to make sure first and foremost that I did not overlook something important.

Thank you!


Antwort von srone:

The other question which asks me is: what is you an irreplaceable worth recording, if the cheap bitch capture the band ripped?
an aspect which I would think about.




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