Infoseite // Shooting concert - recordings of three cameras to see live monitor

Frage von UlmsSkyliner:

I will be filming at a concert, now I have a question s.Euch me some time to burn the soul ...

Well at the concert will probably be filmed with three cameras. The advantage is if someone makes Directing and gave the camera men by radio commands, which will take them now.

I want to have s.einem Monitor the opportunity to see the Picture of the three cameras (split screen).
And No, It will not live on tape to be cut!

I have no idea of it, unfortunately. One could connect any camera with a monitor, but then you would need three monitors.

I would prefer that I simply have a monitor with a split screen where I can see the pictures of the 3 cameras live.

What should I do there? Is it affordable even possible?

Do we need any special adapter or extra equipment? As written in the area knew me from not at all.

MfG Chris


Antwort von Paul*Berlin:

your plan is clear to me:) and your action to understand

I believe, in the area of security systems you can find such a splitter that will give you a quad-signal.


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