Infoseite // VOB files in Final Cut editing. Respectively. DVD rip?

Frage von legria:


I have an image DVD that I will cut and edit. Now I have to stand in front of the big problem VOB files. One of the three files FC recognizes problems that others will not either. Have rumprobiert ages.

'm Finally got the idea to rip the DVD. to, converts the VOB files to. mov files. The very next issue. How to rip a DVD with a Mac? 've Tried MPEG Streamclip. But, unfortunately, is synonymous not clear properly.

Do you have a tip?

Would be very happy


Antwort von Piers:

"Legria" wrote: 've Tried MPEG Streamclip. But, unfortunately, is synonymous not clear properly.

Actually, this is the right way. What causes the problems because Streamclip?


Antwort von legria:

I have in the DVD 3 vob files. One is the DVD menu and the other two video files that I need. Streamclip recognizes somehow only the File menu. This was my super convertiert.

How can I, converts the whole DVD? If I had ne solution for this I would be a good next piece ...


Antwort von Piers:

So really it is sufficient to consider the relevant file from the Finder into the window of Streamclip. Then it happens that SC asks if TC errors should be corrected and that was it. Usually you can then convert the clip into a (nearly) any format.

Is because with the DVD provided a copy protection? The SC can overturn do not need.


Antwort von iMac27_edmedia:

Depending on the copy protection it can process Streamclip, with newer DVDs makes Streamclip problems in terms of copy protection for older DVDs are usually no problems.


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