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Frage von filechen:

halli hallo!

Normal DV video, AVI, HDV, can be wonderful to restore everything, capture, edit and play off no problems.

Would now like to cut a music video (DivX, Dolby, AC3.avi). Did this have repeatedly tried to convert when importing into Avid showed me with this version only with a white picture of the exact length. When you convert a white picture and the music. -> Import and in the video but it works in Premiere Pro CS3 super (except the jerky stop it and therefore to cut kakke is).

hab so Codec Pack download, nothing works again.

Did you already synonymous so what? If so, we resolved the problem?

Would you soooooo grateful if you any advice for me would have.

Breaking me since 3 days and the head have already tried everything possible.

Lg Miriam


Antwort von Markus:

"filechen" wrote: Would now like to cut a music video (DivX, Dolby, AC3.avi).
Hello Miriam,

why is you a höchstkomprimiertes distribution format, if you still must edit? - Request prefer something equivalent to cutting ... would be my first tip, because that is the optimum.

"filechen" wrote: Do this several times already trying to convert ...
For DivX, I am not an expert, but this will effectively help you, if you have a few additional particulars deliver, for example, with what tools and in what format you DivX video yet wanted to convert.

"filechen" wrote: hab so Codec Pack download, nothing works again.
That does not surprise me now, because with the installation of any (even more s.Ende) Codec packs can be reached more often the stark opposite: Rien ne va plus! ;-)



Antwort von filechen:

hello dear Markus! First, thanks for the quick help so WOW!

So the music is downloaded, the rights for a remix of the song sequences and want rausnehmen for the new video! That's why this stupid Distribution Format!

The codec packs:
did as the very first time the XP codec runtergladen it goes anywhere to play. (in avid gings not!)

Today, the Avid Dv.QT / DVC.Pro.HD / 1x.MXF Avid / Avid MXF 10 bit

Ok I've read through the times as it bypasses with codec packs. Maybe I should uninstall everything again and then what is the best to download and install?

Lg great Thank u!


Antwort von B.DeKid:

MPEG TMPEGenc could make from the Divx

Super may be synonymous, but have never been super for what it needed.

B. DeKid


Antwort von Meggs:

"filechen" wrote: the import and the video but it works in Premiere Pro CS3 super (except the jerky stop it and therefore to cut kakke is).

Have you ever tried to premiere in the work area to render? Then it should be unnecessary to run well and be cut.
If it does not alternate:
Exported the video as it is a DV-AVI. Import it into a new project - or in your AVID program - now it can be cut normal.
I think the action with the codecs you can save. You say it is a DivX video. The DivX codec you have installed, otherwise you could be the video is not on your computer to view, synonymous and Premiere could not do anything with it. The other codecs you just foul the system.


Antwort von filechen:

Halli hallo ihr Lieben!

Thanks for the answers! Have you many codec packs removed. gg Habs in Adobe now in DV AVI format and played out in the Avid imported. Go natural.
Pity the outset of the Avid is not gone!

Thank you for your effort and the tips!

Lg Miriam


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