Infoseite // Adobe Media Encoder CS5 - More Audio / Video Codecs to insert?

Frage von Carbon:

Tach zusammn all.

The new Adobe Media Encoder is a super ansich part! Much faster and better support by the 64-bit. My favorite so far encoder.

Only one had won two problems.

1st I can select and output as a Microsoft video codec as I have on it the XVID codec. runs so far. Only the audio codec is nothing to choose from. Only uncompressed.

how can I insert as an audio codec? Mp3 of course.

2nd If I can save video as XVid anbspielen the Media Player, but it is sometimes jerky and artifacts are formed.
The VLC player plays it off as seltsammer at all. No Picture - only sound.

3rd As H.264 video runs s.besten it actually.
What would you recommend? Xvid not at all use more?

4th The original videos are of my digicam in Mov - H.264 format.
Why MOV is usually used in the cams and not MP4?
In the Media Encoder, I can only choose namely Mp4. Where are the differences?

What I want is just really just a program where I can export directly out of my final premiere of the film.

In CS4 it was still down and her eternal, first export, then convert it back in VirtualDub.
This costs time and everything is totally expensive.

How are you going, anyway?

For some clarity, I'd totally appreciate you, am so getting a bit confused.


Antwort von koji:

MP4 and MOV are just a container. Same as MKV. You can basically pack an as everything.

what is your origin material? what do you want? archive? online?


Antwort von Mylenium:

"Carbon" wrote: Xvid not at all use more?

Exactly, exactly. Everything else is nonsense - Adobe gives himself with the whole mess just does not s.and spits out only format for which there somewhere a specification and synonymous for professionals who have a certain relevance for further processing and distribution. The time now closes Craft codecs such as Xvid MPEG-4 or other zusammengehackte not a derivative, whether disguised as MOV or not.



Antwort von Carbon:

Hm ok.

So H.264 is probably the format of the future.

Now I can select it there, and probably again mp4 container.
As an audio codec but I can only choose AAC.
What do you think? Mp3 I would prefer some way.

The source material is in Full HD. Codec and information in the attached Picture.

Now that the video is of course extremely large.
I want to use it in general for everything. First of compress with the best possible quality.

The Web, as a backup, for processed films.

And for the web I would then have s.besten in 720p.

Now just the question is: should I let runterskalieren directly into Adobe Media Encoder?

Is it now possible an MP3 codec to H.264 codec to be added?

and with the settings of the codec, I still find myself unable to cope so well. What can I post there?


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