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Frage von joh2:

Live mixing is finished.

The live mixer program enables simple and rapid mixing of 3 video sources, such as 3 DV cameras, 1 source, as well as graphics and an additional hard-video source.
After starting the program, some cameras / devices from the auto-detection list can be selected and their picture will be on the screen synchronously presented to the recording. Additionally, videos of the hard drive (sg AVI video) added. A special bonus is the "Title and graphics' feature table: You can easily prepare graphs and (sub-) title created for them synonymous with the ongoing and involved the recordings with a single click!
The output will then be digital, analogue or via the internal web video server (by simply clicking on the desired video) directly to an external device, such as via VGA to a projector in another room or to a computer via DV - / DVD-Recorder .* Sensationally is the possibility of transmitting directly to the Intranet / Internet and simultaneously s.jeden PC and beamer s.jedem imaginable place in the world!
This is always all live!
The function field "title and graphic" may "Title Editor" in the recorded live stamped a title (eg the name of the speaker), with font size, font color and position according to the availability of PCs can be set individually . These titles are then in real time and changeable by simply clicking on title prepared may be added or removed. Even graphics can be named and positioned so that they are synonymous later by simply clicking on the mix is available.
In the function box "Audio Input" is the attitude of the possible source of the sound material. Here the Toneingang the sound card is selected, can then be in balance and volume can be adjusted and then additionally be included. A ballast a sound mixing is possible, so that different sources can be taken.

* Y / C, CVBS and YUV with adapter


Political Events:
The event of their party or grouping it into all other national party headquarters transferred. Or
Company meetings:
Your business meeting or conference will be in all offices and branches are transferred in parallel. Surveys should take place and transparency shown? With our program no problem!
Weddings: You are organizing a wedding with hundreds of members and guests? Some of them can not come and still want to live?
Now it is happening for all until the last bank on every island and every place and visible. And live! Simply mixing and recording live TV on walls or via beamers projecting. The best thing is: With the simultaneous storage on hard drive can be directly parallel synonymous DVDs are created and after the event as a family gift to the guests are over! Unforgettable moments simply share!
Lesson: your private Course, for example, the arts, sports or computer course aims for a second course and its participants are made available in parallel. No problem: just the video mixed live recordings s.alle transferred.
Lectures: One particularly well-known professor visited a university in Germany and holds a lecture, but for many students nationwide interesting? Again, the advantages of live-mixer-program to the full. All video recordings, comments and graphics can be worldwide in every room and lecture hall are transmitted.
Your local football club would like to be away for home fans in the club room or the bar association transferred? It's simple: In the stadium the game live mixing and commenting, then alongside the pub via the Internet to provide the projection and with a beamer on a big screen to home Fankurve delight!
Theater photos:
Modern theater with a difference: two mutually per theater over a piece to another theater, the action is technically related. Through the live broadcast via the Internet is responsive action and Spi


Antwort von rush:

öhm what do you mean by that comment? somehow stand on the line:)


Antwort von Rene K:

na times please tell more. I steh synonymous straight on the line. maybe it's a useful program and I can use it ...


Antwort von changnam:

Yes, the software seems to be that I could really use.
Is there really alternatives?

I would be more than happy with the following addition:

For you prefer changnam is the software for use in the Jugendabreit free of charge, I habs Gerda mailed to you :-)

Was just fun, I fear, namely that it's almost too expensive for me is.



Antwort von Eva Maier:

The user is logged on with it you can link sixch Inform.

/ E


Antwort von streetbiker:

The DV Mixer can live up to 3 camera live mix.
(DV cable length to 200 meters per 20 meters of cable pieces)

The software can be synonymous videos of hard drive, graphics, or to restore the title. Up to 7 graphics or titles can be displayed simultaneously. The mixed video is then matched to the analog Y / C, CVBS or VGA output.

The video can be mixed as a live web stream on the Internet Make 640x480 360x240 with 25 frames / sec with audio output.

The video can be mixed as a DV stream live on a DV camcorder recording.


Antwort von MuFim Productions:

schaun times, perhaps the concern I have, I just need to


Antwort von ummerland:

And where do you have any?


Antwort von thos-berlin:

The link above does not. Suh In-EDV in Oldenburg.



Antwort von Johannes:

Has found who will provide a price? Yes I am looking for something synonymous for some time, but I think the calculator needs a stronger performance than a 4 channel mixer comes cheaper.


Antwort von bgk:

The price of the software would be really interesting. Have it on all the. Eu and. Tv domain synonymous but not discovered ...


Antwort von thos-berlin:

On the. TV pages I can not be locked in the office. On the EU and U.S. sites, I have found nothing synonymous. Prices Although I have in mind for me could not, however, promise, so I prefer not to call. But you can certainly start an inquiry. Suh has given me so far to my technical questions always answered, but not always timely. Have not bought, because I do not currently need and also a good mixer did.

But I think a new analog mixer is well below the price. A DV mixers tend not ....

It is therefore on the right and the calculation, it is please do not forget the preview monitors.

Case 1: Software Solution PC + Software

Case 2: mixing + Preview Monitors


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