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Frage von ThomasSch:


Many cameras, video or DSLR have an HDMI - Out.
My HV20 synonymous. can be practical, see blackmagic intensity, etc.

Now, the HV20 is probably the sensor signal prior to compression, live, mad, and without any symbols. That's good.

Others give only saved once again, have symbols in it, only 480p ...
That would be bad.

Now the question:
Which of the current ruins (of the prosumer Canon-up to the GF-1 ...) have a right to Tapping's HDMI out.
Or: how I can's find out where / how are things?



Antwort von deti:

"ThomasSch" wrote: Or: how I can's find out where / how are things?
That usually is in the downloadable PDF manuals.



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