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Frage von buckdanny:

for a project I need the function that mandurch press the up / down each comes to a menu.

My menu is a long list of entries of the one sees only a part (some of it is always a single menu) so I somehow have a kind hinbekommen scroll function.

Thank you very much!


Antwort von Axel:

An arrow pointing down, with no highlight button with Auto Start (they've always Encore concepts in mind, but is perhaps as synonymous DSP): Menu2.
It's the very elegant with a 2 seconds animation (lane!), Which is the startup and the menus via the "Wipe" links. Just made it again. Jump target / Endsprung (am) today is not the correct terms: Menu2.

If the jump synonymous to paralyze standalone players be "seamless", is a data rate of about 4 Mbps recommended.


Antwort von buckdanny:

Thank you, that was easier than I thought, "Automatic Activation" it says in the DVD Studio.

But I have a new problem, I have prepared my menu in Photoshop, the buttons are made of Scripture, I want the text on the button at the Choice is in italics, so I have a File With fixed italic text as an overlay.
The italic lies now in front of the Select button
how can I have the original button disappeared?

Thank you very much


Antwort von Axel:

Go away with the lame "Menu with levels", then it's nothing but with the "Scroll down". Alternative Tip? Background is a film with gently before sliding back-and Font buttons (preferably white, which is the most reliable subpicture color). Come closer (= they are bigger), they are sharper, they sink down (= they are smaller), they are blurred. One of the keys (= standard - button) is the most gentle, quite sharp, but with a vibrant glow. Mouseover or cursor keys on the remote control buttons to each affected to come forward and glow only. If you press "enter" (= with or clicks) the mouse button with the selected fizzles out a wind chime-bells, and a particle of dust.
> Animated wallpaper movie is (obviously). Buttons are buttons is highlighted in a track (okay explained in the manual), so there is no "normal" menu. The key highlights are only valid for "Chapter 1" (actually Chapter 2, as Button Highlights appear only after about 1 seconds, the start of the DVD and jump destination of the "Menu" button - just specify when> Traces and Stories> Track1> Chapter2), whose late again s.dessen beginning is linked.
> The "Glow" is the slightly protruding background blur, the sharp selection button is a highlight.
> KEY1 leads to the activation of the same track, Chapter 3, which is very short and only the spraying of button 1 (with sound) contains. End of Chapter 3 leads to Track2 (Corresponding feature). Each subsequent chapter shows another button sprayer. The chapters of the markers (probably created in Motion) need to be frame accurate animated film set before the Mpeg2 compression in FinalCut. Since everything is but a trace, every step really quite gentle.

Much more effective than italics buttons. It will not do anything with DVDs, but with something Getrickse sometimes go really amazing things. Perhaps the story is described to you puffy, what more for wedding videographers, however: The track with an alternative to the keyboard, of course, synonymous Standardmenu recommended especially when you upload or link, scroll down the menu boards. Within the same track itself is a leap of Chapter 3, we say Kapitel30, totally seamless.


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