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DVD Studio Pro-EDITING in 5 Sprachen

DVD Studio Pro EDITING in 5 languages

Frage von Nussbaumer Daniel:
Juli 2005

How can I with a script, written or otherwise, the menu language (set starting five languages) to fix?
I'm doing a more complex DVD with Project einzubeten six individual chapters in five languages and has a menu accordingly synonymous menus in five languages. Now it should be possible that the player s.end a chapter that already once chosen language and recognize the corresponding DVD menu back leads.

Thanks for everything, which can help next!


Antwort von Axel:

Hi Daniel,
I would start the DVD with one language selection menu. Let's say I have "espanol" is selected, then I'll end up as the next chapter in the Spanish menu. I then choose Track 1, you can still (no script) assign the m2v file to the Spanish sound. Only a return to the menu stops working on "end jump", as this statement applies to the entire track (all video and audio versions). You have two choices: Do you have small files, do not completely fill the DVD, then draus five lanes, one for each language. Then you can höhergehen synonymous with the video rate, which is not of disadvantage. Otherwise you have to work with the script (toolbar). The procedure is described in the manual, I have once tried a test basis, but out of my head I can not explain you this: Manual.

Antwort von Axel:

Again, I do. Good news! You do not familiarize yourself into the scripting, since you can specify for five lanes and one synonymous same image file as source, and only assign each track a different sound file. So you post a language selection menu with five buttons. button "espanol" menu, for example, is assigned to 3 as a target. The target track of the button "Track 1" is then "Track 3" with Spanish sound the same image file. If you click on this track, you can put in the "Track Info" settings that control at pressures of the "Menu" on the remote "Menu 3" appears, so as to anchor the end of this track, etc.
Advantage: Higher video rate is possible because only a soundtrack. The total size of the DVD does not change (remember my first posting).
Disadvantage: The language of the remote control in the current track is not possible.
Perhaps worth trort especially the incorporation into the scripting ...

Antwort von Nussbaumer Daniel:

Thanks for your answers Axel

I had tried synonymous with tie details. But then at the end of the problem that I can define the trace information only once a menu language, which brings me to the end of the jump. But once I get started in the DVD and choose the Portuguese to land according to the conclusion synonymous in the Portuguese menu, I end back in the Spanish menu.

Antwort von Axel:

1. With the start-action (the information window of the DVD itself) you put down the menu for language, some background with five buttons. Each button represents a Language. You give in the info window for the button "espanol" (eg) a new target object, and indeed
2. "Menu 3" (for example). On this Menutafel are six buttons: you have six chapters, or features, all in Spanish. Target object of each button () is a track in the info window, we say "Viaje del mundo, parte uno. This track consists of
3. the video file for the first chapter, we say "1.Teil.m2v", and the Spanish version of the sound to as "1st part, span.ac3. In the track information for this track IM INFORMATIONSFENSTER you click on a late jump "Menu 3", as well as action, if on the remote control "menu is selected. For "Back" or "Return" so you can decide if the user enters the order into the Spanish language or chapter menu.
4. You have a language with five buttons and five different language chapter menus with six buttons.
5. You have six video files, just your six chapters, or even just a file with six chapters marks, because synonymous chapter markers can be edited and displayed in the information window by clicking.
6. You have 30 sound files!

The complexity of your project already prohibits the scripting, or working out a story, or you sit on the whole, if and buts, the whole night and also lose the overview.

Antwort von Axel:

It is certainly a misunderstanding. I go all the time assuming that you have created the Menutafeln in another program (like Photoshop have imported) and then. You could be a Photoshop panel synonymous with languages such as "Klingon" or "trafalmagorisch import", where is DVDSP know? How internal managed languages in the program if you write directly to the Menuhintergrund, I do not know, but after what you Report, it seems more likely (and unreliable) to be more complicated. Sorry if I am not able to help you.

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