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Frage von Peter-Paul:

Hello dear forum participants,

I am now uncertain after a few searches on the forum but easy.

With some very informative articles of MarkusB I have learned painfully that my first approach (= dubbing from VCR or video camera at a newly angeschaften DVD Recorder Panasonic DMR-ES10) is probably simple but not optimal regarding the quality of digital images . However, I have not yet understood why, for an approximately 1.5 hours of VHS movie comes out in the LP mode, the recorder synonymous with about 3-4 GB. Is that digitize a PC there really better?
Well, after I've slept for some time about it, I had resigned myself to just select the PC solution. My idea was:

My laptop PC (Dell Latitude with Pentium 2.4 GHz, 512 MB Ram, 20GB free disk space approx) upgraded with a PCMCIA Firewire card, and then to an external A / D converter, my choice: Canopus ADVC-55 (barely affordable).

But now I hear of so many problems, such as. Win XP Service Pack 2-Firewire problems, problems with drop-outs, etc.

That causes me a bit scared because I do not want to spend 100 Euros again several weeks s.end struggling with problems. And a new calculator extra for the digitization, I did not want to purchase nor synonymous.

Now my question: Are my fears justified, or is there among you who are working, with the above configuration, trouble-half? How serious is the XP SP2 problem, see? I do not have to fiddle around s.Betriebssystem my laptop.

Has anyone had this experience?

Peter Paul


Antwort von Jan:

Hi Peter, Paul,

Yes, the ES 10 is bad), no Firewire (.

A variant would be easy at times to ask what price you Markus
your movies digitized.


He uses high quality components rauszuholen everything from your movie.

No stress-no stündenlange waste of time etc. ..



Antwort von wolfgang:

With SP2, there is occasionally a problem where the Firewire interface is slow. Microsoft has a correction for this patch are available on the website, which can be used if necessary.

However, it is not done with the pure digitizing. We then still need a suitable software to bring the material into the appropriate form to be able - for burning onto DVDs. No witchcraft, if you know how it goes - but if you do not know it's a certain amount Learn the day. This could be best as Ulead's DVD MovieFactory, which is relatively simple in handling.

It can can be synonymous digitize those tapes - but that is usually more expensive.


Antwort von Peter-Paul:

Hello Jan,

Thanks for the tip.
That with the "foreign digitize" is unfortunately not realistic, because I have a huge pile of Video 8 tapes from which I only raussuchen sequences intercutting to a movie, I picked out and wants.



Antwort von wolfgang:

Well, then you still need a editing program. That should be high in order to allow you the possibilities of digital restoration to full width.

A similar process has recently been discussed once here:

Tell halt bescheid, if you need assistance with a suitable method for you.


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