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Good morning,

I hope that my question was not already answered in this form. If only I ask for a link with the SuFu but I found nothing specifically to do so.

My concern is that I currently can not decide between a HV30/20 and a HF200.

The test image of Slashcam liked it better with the HV30, because moving the wheel does not like the stripes shows HF200. The difference probably arises from the different formats, HDV, and AVCHD. But with the HF200, I would like to know if a purely because the interlacing is to blame (read with the appropriate video deinterlacing and software) no problem, or sees my captured video truly look like this?

Test pictures in the various youtube but it occurs to me as if the HF200 has a noticeably sharper picture than the HV30. The youtube for such visual comparisons are not really usable, I'd demand whether in reality it is synonymous?

My current equipment consists of a SonyTRV620 and an external Bulletcam with 480Zeilen Pal resolution.
I have 2 great interest: one is the filming through the helmet cam downhill mountain bike with.
Other hand, I'm filming in the RC buggy area very intensively and the no longer quite so synonymous Amateurmäßig.

Here is one of my recent videos.

It aims to show how fast the movements that I want to film in the future with an HD camera.
So adjustable Shutter speed is different because of my budget but if it is not possible in the Amateuer HD Camera class differences are, I would like to take reckless.

Does the statement that makes the HV30 with 1080i, more beautiful images than many 1080p AVCHD cameras? true but synonymous with the HF200?

Should you buy better at this time a AVCHD camera?

For my applications, the HV30 would speak, I could use them due to the AV input with the helmet camera. But opposed again the missing LANC port. This should be so is not the main criterion for my choice.

Whether miniDV or memory card to me is no preference. Only when I got a bad HDD certain because of the possible proposals on the housing, which could occur when filming in a gravel pit schonmal.

Can you help me?




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In this type of shots you're not in my opinion, with HDV or HD have a lot of joy. Thus, rapid movements and pans are always better in DV over and also plays in this kind of Video (Full Frame, many close-ups), the final Resolutiongar not matter.


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