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Frage von Patmon:

I want a Avi (DivX 5 512x368 25.00fps 1011Kbps - mp3 VBR 48000Hz stereo 155Kbps) to WMV, convert it to so I can play the XBOX360. (on USB stick)

The problem is that the jerky picture, if I want to watch WMV s.TV. Picture and sound are synchronously, but the picture jerky every few seconds. I have before, as if the picture will adjust the sound. On the PC it is not jerky.

The error must be something with the sound have to do.
Because if I use the AVI to WMV Converter and the sound is omitted, runs the "WMV without sound" absolutely unnecessary s.TV. But once I change the sound track with jerky convert it.
As an encoder, I have until now WME9 and ImTOO MPEG encoder is used.


Antwort von Gast 0815:

Try out the sound of Avidatei first to convert to Wave. It could be that the "variable bitrate" cause of the disturbance.

Greetings from Marburg


Antwort von Patmon:

I've already done the VBR track converted to PCM, but it availed nothing.
Why jerky without it no sound?


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