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Frage von Purzel:


I'm just about old analog videos to your PC to play. Have a TV card for s.die I connect the VCR. As a program I use Nero version (OS is Vista). Now I would like some videos over night or while I'm working on playing. Some videos have breaks in between, and if this is greater than 30 sec breaks Nero are the dubbing process from. And when I make a synonymous dubbing time of 4 hours, for example, enter.
Knows someone what's wrong? Or can anyone an open source program or other friend, which meets the requirements?

Would you thankful for good tips.

Regards, Purzel


Antwort von JMS Productions:

Purzel Hello,
"Purzel" wrote:
Some videos have breaks in between ...

What exactly do you mean with "breaks"? If you have points on the videotape do that just empty, so black and white Gefussel to see, then it is, I guess normal that the space program to detect and stop recording. At least it makes my Canopus ADVC-300 as synonymous. Is synonymous actually makes sense, because otherwise would be yes, the hard drive with unnecessary material is not usable fully written.

"Purzel" wrote:
As a program I use Nero version (OS is Vista) ...

For Windows Vista, I can say nothing, because I Vista (yet) use. That is the problem, however, does not lie. If these "breaks" but spaces are not (you're still not explained) and it breaks you want synonymous record, I would you advise one way or another program times out. I have had with NeroVision not get satisfactory qualitative results.
I would you (not just because of the "TV-card-detection" and because of the possibility to record analog video) for Magix Video deluxe guess. This program should be your TV card easily recognize synonymous can make analog recordings (in MPEG2 format) and has a kind of "digital VCR" where you can adjust synonymous, s.wann the recording should start and when to back end.
However, costs MAGIX something. Show you have a look at the Magix-HomepageDu hast synonymous die Möglichkeit dir eine trial

Antwort von mausespeck007:

Hello together,

have the same problem and hope you can help me.

The following situation digitalise monentan my family VHS tapes and play them with a VHS player via Canopus ADVC 300 s.Nero 8 to vision harddrive what extent synonymous succeed.

Now to my problem, when playing the VHS tape are interruptions of individual sequences VHS (Lehrlauf) is what the vision for recording causes every time when such an interruption comes VHS recordings that vision is lost and not even next record
VHS tape continues and after a few seconds the picture comes back. The disruption of the VHS are in the range 5-10 seconds is not long. A DVD movie with a total length
of approximately 1 1 / 2 hours, then of Nero Vision, depending on the breaks into many individual parts.

I need the movie as a file and not many small files.

1. Question: Can I Nero8 vision set to change that in the small interruptions of the VHS version of Nero 8 is not shutting down but like the VHS tape continues, I can follow the movie cut?

2. Question: How can I see the individual files back to film a movie together without quality loss?

Glad if you can help me.

Thank you in advance for your answers.



Antwort von JMS Productions:

"mausespeck007" wrote:

1. Question: Can I Nero8 vision set to change that in the small interruptions of the VHS version of Nero 8 is not shutting down but like the VHS tape continues?

That there is such a function should exist, I tend not to, because this function is actually a positive feature brings with itself (see my post above on it). Furthermore, I believe rather that NeroVision not guilty, but the Canopus ADVC-300. The breaks out above, the recording as soon as he playing device gets no signal more or no longer recognize time code on the VHS tape. My Video Deluxe sssolchen always breaks synonymous sites. That is not now mean that you now the ADVC-300 should no longer use, on the contrary: it is next to a neatly groomed playback device, so to speak, the optimum for best quality. Actually we need you not to disturb you after so many individual sequences can get that actually has no influence on the rest of the film. (see next below)

"mausespeck007" wrote:
I can follow the movie cut?

Times I'm going assume that NeroVision is in a position, to cut a film, so "Yes"!.

"mausespeck007" wrote:
2. Question: How can I see the individual files back to film a movie together without quality loss?

Even with NeroVision, this should be possible. A loss of quality is usually by simply assembling of film sequences ever, unless you verhunzt something in the export settings. You insert your individual sequences in the sequence, as they will later appear in the film and the whole exportierst loss as a DV-AVI file into NeroVision. Then you can set your many small clips and delete the exported movie in NeroVision Import -> so you have a full movie unzerstückelten. If you have the whole thing later, but anyway rausbrennen on DVD, then you need this you do not make trouble. The program is in fact no preference as to whether your movie is broken into millions of individual sequences or not, if they are all the other "touching", ie no gap, you will have to appear on the DVD do not see that there are individual sequences were louder.


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