Infoseite // Ulead VideoStudio SE DVD 8 crashes when rendering

Frage von Christian Zimmermann:

My question:

My system:
Athlon 3400, 1024 MB, 256 MB graphics, disk space, more than plentiful, the system purchased new in December 2005. The program works so far, only 90% of rendering (for file output of the video goes off), the main hard drive ugly and the program stops responding. After it has "ended by force," we see a complete MPEG 2 file, auffweist in 10% of the cases the error, which at some point play, but then always reproducible s.der same place, stops the picture and the sound continues. Apparently AMD processors will be able to bese than Intel CPUs, and my wife is on the Calculator (Sempron 2600, 512 MB, 128 MB graphics) laueft the whole thing quickly and correctly and s.meinem computer to do?

Thank you in advance for your / your help.


Antwort von angelico:

Hi Christian

I've met on the Internet to your case. I am writing to you because I somewhat had the same problem with Ulead 8th
When the program wants to rendering (the hot of AVI to MPEG), the computer crashes.
If you already has found a solution please, please let me showed

Heartfelt thank


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