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Frage von sebastian.mainzer:

I have the following problem:
I created a DVD + DL and synonymous throughout the 8? GB exploited.
Menus, submenus, movie running (and almost) everything great, except for the one mistake that the DVD back in the middle of the main movie to the menu goes.
The break of the second layer DVD can I exclude a mistake. Because when I upload the DVD image s.meinem virtual PC, the error is synonymous (; s.der same place) and in the image there is still no change.
There were no synonymous set chapter points or so in the main movie.

- Does anyone know this error?
- Can it be s.der + DL (; I used to Dato always)?
- Is it s.CS4? <Had - with CS4 already many problems with CS3 before!
- If s.OS to use Vista? <- I have often problems with Vista and DVD + DL in Encore's read

Thank you for all the support!


Antwort von djscorcher25:

The film can not just jump into the middle of the menu.
Either you've got a chapter mark or is it the break.
If you create a DVD folder on Built, this is a one to 1Abbild a double-layer DVD. the break is so synonymous available if you test the movie on a software player.
: Try a different DVD player.
Look in your Encore timeline, whether there is perhaps s.besagter place to watch a cut in the sound or picture. When you play the program from the timeline, as the movie plays with no problems next?
That reminds me of ... you may have the film as a motion menu rendered? So you see him in motion menu in there somewhere? Then it may be that you have activated the loop and after 15 minutes or so of the film jumps back s.den beginning ...
Otherwise, I find nothing ... because a great many years working with ecore himself ....


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