Infoseite // Encore CS4 and Premiere CS4 with DynanicLink and Dolby Digital 5.1

Frage von hatzwatz:


I'm already a long time to find, but find no solution or explanation to my problem. Maybe you know someone of the Council:
I use Encore CS4 and Premiere CS4. So I prefer a first sequence using Dynamic Link in Encore. Sound in Premiere is Dolgy Digital 5.1. Encore makes me create the DVD always Doby Digital stereo out. I can export the settings of Encore synonymous stipulate otherwise.

I have found that only with Premiere 5.1 codec can pay. Okay, as long as it works, I can live with it. So with the update 4.0.1 of Premiere are 3-test exports with 5.1 codec possible. Klappt synonymous when I Encode directly from Premiere, because I can now select the 5.1 codec.

But, unfortunately, still a layer in the pit when I choose to Encore 5.1. Have now 1mal rendering demo in which codec free, then I must buy. But only if the Encore so synonymous works. Otherwise, the nonsense.

Do you know if I somehow Dynamic Link with Encore in Premiere my DolgyDigital get 5.1 sound over ???????????

Thank you in advance and many greetings



Antwort von Eike:

Have so far worked with CS 3 and CS now with 4th Under CS 3 was definitely not at Encore Dolby 5.1 in rendering process. Does it really not synonymous, since the MPEG's if in the correct format in CS4 Pr created, no longer in Encore to be rendered. If you're forced into this new Encore render the audio codec with Dolby Stereo overwritten.


Antwort von Eike:

so now I can finally answer. In Encore CS 4, there are already under CS3 no genuine Dolby 5.1 decoding! Surcode only under license with Pr CS supports. Ergo: Pr render everything and then give Encore and in no way encode it again!


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