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Avid Xpress ProHD capture 25fp / visual presentation freezes
Avid HD 5.2.4 "Access violation error"
Avid DS Nitris Trainigsversion
Commotion in Avid Liquid 7.0 integrated?
Avid Codec for Final Cut
Avid Xpress QuickTime export fields?
Avid Xpress DV capture does not open window
Avid beginner help
BETA IMX dub on PC (Premiere or AVID)
General questions about Avid
AVID input level control
Pinnacle / Avid Online Editing give a new meaning
24i/24p in 25p-AVID Project
Avid Xpress DV and ProCoder Express
Avid Mojo box detects no longer
War of imported videos only white frames in Avid
avid xpress dv dongle which found no
Avid Express Pro HD vs. Canopus Edius Broadcast 4 vs. Adobe Premiere 2.0
Avid XPress Pro for only one user?
"Avid or FinalCut / HP Workstation Quad or MAC?"
Avid Xpress: No küsntl. Cut possible
with Avid Xpress Pro 4.1 problems
Avid Xpress DV and faces pixels
Image Ready -> gifs created, import into Avid -> unusable ???!!! EI
Trainee needs help with Avid
Avid fx/3d
Avid export problems
DVD in Avid
Import of mpeg2 in Avid Express pro ...
capturing of HDV with the SonyHDR FX1E in Avid Xpress Pro HD
Time Code in the picture at Avid Liquid 7.1
Avid Digitizer stops at 4GB because of the border! What to do? Help!
Avid Liquid 7.0 Yellow Slices rendering, otherwise nix!
Avid Liquid capture of videos
Vegas 7 or Avid 7 (Avid Xpress)
Error message when Avid Free DV
Avid Liquid 7 dropouts!
Chroma-keying with Avid Xpress Pro! PROBLEM!
Avid QT Reference problem
Druchblick no longer in the jungle AVID
Serial for Avid Free DV ..!.???
Matrox Parhelia APVe and AVID Xpress HD
avid assemble ..
Avid Xpress installation problem
Avid: Problems viewing videos of
Help! Can not render Avid!
Since Avid Liquid 7 and rendering problems with DVD menu ...
Avid Media Composer Software
Avid tidy
MP3 Import with Avid Liquid 7 Does not.
mov, avi, wmv into Avid Xpress Pro
After Premiere Avid - Not as easy as you think ...
Avid Liquid
Avid Xpress Pro HD on Dual-Core Processor
Avid Liquid render
Avid Beginners
Which firewire card for Avid Express Pro HD?
Avid waveform with keyframe editing + other noob questions
Avid Export
despite NTFS formatting 1.86 GB limit for AVID Express
Importing DVD into Avid?
Avid versus Apple
Avid editing space - proposals and purchase advice
AVID express pro 4.6 --- Problems with Sorenson Squeeze.
AVID data between OSX and XP
Avid data on external hard drive store
AVID Express Pro HD - Color Correction Problem
Offline Final Cut Avid online?
true HD on Avid Media Composer capturing and editing?
Avid Liquid 7th Projektdatein after importing MP4-way
Breakout box needed to view video from Avid to spend LCD Television?
Avid Xpress 5.0 graphics export error
Avid Xpress 5.0 graphics export error
Avid Adrenaline and Media Project in Premiere CS2 files open
Avid Bin File open outside of Avid
Avid capture sound at break
Avid Express Pro HD 5.6.3 and Media Composer 2.5.3 is not running audio?
Avid Xpress Pro and HVX 200
mac and avid 5.7: Aid is not working properly
Avid Xpress Pro projects on tape archive
avid xpresspro and 25p
Avid Creating a Project with 24p
Movies Production with Avid Xpress Pro
general question about Avid editing
Avid Liquid Chrome Xe provides and update to 7.2 Liquid front
Avid Xpress, Liquid and co
Avid Xpress Pro HD 5.2 error during export
AVID express pro: After each program start work surface re-sort
integration AE / Avid
Import error Avid Xpress pro
16:9 in Photoshop and import in AVID
Avid Quicktime Reference export problem
Avid XPress Pro HD 5.0 Splice-in only in V1 / A1 / A2 possible
. MFX (of hx200) in Avid Xpress Pro HD
Avid Liquid Training
OMFI Files (AVID) in Media Studio 8 per import? Is this possible?
AVID problem with playback of effects and text in sequence
Can Avid free encode
Timewarp Avid MC
Avid Xpress for Windows Vista
Avid many clips as one clip in sequence insert
mpg1 import into avid express pro
Avid for Students
Avid and the title
Avid and the right off the format or Convert
HD format question of HDV via Final Cut Pro, AVID to AE & HDCAM
Digitizing of Digi Beta + Pro35 s.AVID
Avid on multiple PCs
Avid fashion segment
SonyUVW-1400 s.Avid Liquid 7 per
Avid Media Composer - Save of projects in the usual format player?
Avid Xpress Pro Compatibility
Typewriters with the Titler Effect of Avid? - PlugIn?
AVID XPRESS DV, part of a project are suddenly OFFLINE!
JVC GR-D325E Cam with Avid Liquid
Avid Xpress error: "no input signal present"
Avid express pro hd 5.2 split screens - no border
2 monitors Avid Liquid
avid notebook soundcard
avid free dv - "no desktop video resource" plus getting started

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